Crypto and games

First time i noticed that there are games built around crypto is when a friend of mine told me to apply for some free airdrop.
What I got was a red jacket and it left me confused as hell.
I asked him what is this shit and why did i waste my time on this and to my shock he replied that i can sell it because its used for a game where items that players use and wear are nft. I sold that jacket for 300$ i kid you not dear reader. Someone out there is wearing my jacket in virtual crypto world…

This whole experience got me interested to find out more about games in crypto space and in general to learn how can industry benefit from developing and using crypto space for games. Can this help grow crypto and bring it one step closer to mass adoption?

So what is your experience with games inside crypto space ? Do you play some and if yes which ones ?

There isnt much on this topic because most of the games that i found seem to be small projects without much attention.

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