Here’s what Android 13’s new notification permissions look like in action

Apps will have to ask before they bother you


Among other anticipated features, Android 13 is making notifications a permission setting. As in, for an app to harass your notification bar, pinging you with impunity, it has to actually ask you to do that first. We knew it was coming, but now we know what it might look like when it does land.

In case you missed the news before, early Android 13 leaks indicate that notifications are becoming an opt-in process courtesy of a new permission. Previously, we knew that the change would mean a new section in the permissions manager, and we’d seen what it looked like in the app permissions list, but we hadn’t seen the actual dialog that the new permission would trigger itself.


Well, courtesy of a trusted source, here it is, and it looks exactly how you’d expect it to:

Android 13_Runtime_Notifications_Permission fixed

If nothing changes between now and Android 13’s release, when an app on Android 13 requests the new POST_NOTIFICATIONS runtime permission for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a dialog similar to that shown above. Options here are purely binary: allow or don’t allow. Once granted (or denied) the app will (or won’t) be able to send you notifications. Simple as that.

We know a lot about the upcoming Android 13 version already. Just earlier we saw a few new styles for Google’s snazzy dynamic theming on Android 13. But plenty of questions remain to be answered. Some of the details that have been dug up, like the new “Panlingual” per-app language feature, might be Pixel exclusives. Other features like the keyguard user switcher and QR code scanning changes could come to every phone that gets the new version. It’s difficult to tell at this early stage. Stay tuned to our Android 13 coverage as we learn more.

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