How well do you know the coins in the top 100 list?

We all have different opinions & investments strategies depending on the coins we know. Like in this sub, there are some coins that are very popular while some others are never mentioned but are ranked higher. (Ex: Nano ranked #115 & The Graph #49)

So if you take [the top 100 list](, how many coins do you :

1. Know very well (Ex: Fully understand the concept/goal & advantages, interact with the community, follow announcements & development calendar, etc.)
2. Somewhat know but haven’t invested in nor DYOR.
3. Just the name or have heard about but don’t believe in the concept aka believe this is just a ~~shitcoin~~ hypecoin that won’t stay on the long term.
4. Simply have never heard about them?

In my case: 1. 6, 2. 24, 3. 11, 4. 59

Looking forward to see your comments

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