In the long run everything bleeds against BTC


This is a reminder and a warning to both new members and the old guard

After BTC finishes pumping we are going to get the Alts going crazy. While most think this is just around the corner I don’t think most know or remember how crazy BTC can get. As of now almost all 2017 coins haven’t even reached their BTC valuations including ETH in 5 years.

ETH is 1/2 of it, BCH 1/25 and most Alts down 20 – 60% in BTC valuations.

For those that don’t understand you could have made 25 times more money holding BTC from the top 2017 than BCH and 50% more holding BTC than ETH from the top

You are going to be tempted to chase quick money in Alts. But have an exit strategy and turn 50% profits into BTC and 50% cash

In August I heard people say BTC dominance will never be above 0.45 again. We went to 0.47 and arn’t showing signs of stopping. BTC is 50% of the crypto market which means to maintain that it grows just as fast or faster than the entire Alt market. Yes it grows slowly but it grows

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