Instagram preps new practice mode for Live, rolls out Live scheduling

Instagram seems to be doubling down on releasing new features after last week’s massive outage. Earlier this week, it started testing a new feature in the US to alert users of outages and technical issues. It also rolled out a new Account Status tool that lets users see if their account is at risk of being disabled, how their content is distributed, and if it has been removed. Now, it has announced a new feature for Live creators that lets them schedule upcoming Live streams.

In a recent tweet, Instagram revealed that the new Live Scheduling feature has started rolling out to users, and it will let Live creators schedule their Live streams up to 90 days in advance. After scheduling a Live event, creators will be able to share it via Stories and Feed posts. Followers will see an option to set reminders for upcoming Live streams in such posts, and they’ll receive a notification when the Live stream is about to start.

In addition, Instagram told TechCrunch that it’s working on a new tool to help Live creators join their guests ahead of a scheduled Live event to test their connection, lighting, and manage other pre-show preparations. The tool, aptly named “Practice mode,” has been in development since December last year. It was first spotted by app reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who shared the following screenshot.

As you can see, the Practice mode will appear in the Broadcast Audience settings. It will let Live creators “Practice going live by yourself or with others.” Once the creators have all settings dialed in, they’ll be able to end their practice session and broadcast to their audience.

Currently, Instagram has not shared a definite timeline for Practice mode’s rollout. We’ll update this post as soon as it starts rolling out to users.

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