The evolution of a headline in the crypto space

Today russia / putin made news saying Bitcoin is not worthless and has a right to exists. So Putin basically basically acknowledges it, without too much of a rating or opinion. [Source](

However I find it incredibly funny how the headline of this news changed over the last couple of hours. Just some examples in chronological order (Note I picked the headlines from the posts of this sub):

* [Putin Says Crypto Is “Not Worthless”](
* [Russia’s Putin says crypto has ‘value’](
* [Vladimir Putin Says He Accepts Crypto’s Role in Making Payments](
* [Chad Putin Gives Crypto The Greenlight, Wants You To Put It In](

So well, I’m not to deep into russia and their opinion on BTC, but a lot must have happened there today…

Seriously however. This is not the first time I have seen news evolve like this. Please guys, always remember to fact check.

tl;dr: Always fact check news first – especially when found in echo chambers.

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