The year is 2025. Crypto is in another bull run. Here are all the biggest FUDs you can expect.

1. China announces it plans to ban Bitcoin and crypto. For real this time.
2. India bans Bitcoin and crypto. Again. But will re consider enabling it later.
3. Peter Schiff says Gold is King.
4. Jamie Demon says crypto is worthless and will fire all JPM employees who has a crypto account.
5. JPM says crypto has failed.
6. Ethereum L2 gas is too expensive at $0.05 per transaction. Isn’t crypto supposed to give the power to the small guys? What about small guys with $0.1 portfolio who can’t afford the gas?
7. Gary Gensler says crypto needs more regulation, begs Congress to approve bill to allow installation of backdoor spyware into every blockchain.
8. SEC says crypto investors must be protected at all costs, says crypto dangerous.
9. FED wants to protect your money, that’s why you can’t use your USD to buy crypto.
10. China seriously considers banning crypto.
11. Elton Mask says crypto is bad for the environment, will stop accepting Bitcoin for Bittrucks.
12. Bezos joins crypto with Amazecoin.
13. Mark Zucc bans all crypto ads on Facebook, the only allowed crypto is Zuccverse coins.
14. Peter Schiff says gold will pump 10x.
15. Rich Dad Poor Day says crypto will have ‘a mother of all crashes’ coming soon ™.
16. Michael ‘Cassandra’ Burry says ‘the biggest crash of all crashes’ is coming soon.
17. Evergrande defaults on its 69th loan payments, might crash soon.
18. Craig Wrong says he is dumping his Bitcoin because he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

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