Which cryptocurrencies will be the top 5 by market cap one year from now?

And also in which rank?

The date is 13 October, 2022. Which Cryptos will be leading the market cap rankings?

These are my predictions:

1. BTC

2. ETH


4. ~~USDT~~ ADA

5. XLM

BTC would still be number 1 but ETH would be much closer to it than now.

ALGO is gonna have a really strong run and would get some major partnerships and jump to 3rd place.

ADA will be still have a lot of hype, yet nothing much happening.

People will start storing XLM instead of just using it and converting it all the time. It will have a major pump and will overtake XRP and get to number 5.

These are just my predictions (please don’t hate me, if I don’t include your favorite coin).

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