With Shiba Inu nearly in the top 10, I think we can’t forget there are other things that matter in crypto aside from hype

We already had some crazy shit when DOGE entered the top 10, and maybe not many people expected this thing would happen again, yet that’s what’s been going on with SHIB lately.

However, you can’t just make some crazy assumptions just because a little meme coin is having a huge increase. Rememeber it’s on one of the top spots in crypto, but it hasn’t discarded any of the well known good projects many people is seriously investing in, and its rise will not prevent any other good project to raise eventually either. There might be bad thing but good things always find their place.

On the other hand, and there might be many people disagreeing with this, but in my humble opinion, altcoins like this enrich the environment in a good way. Watching many people interact with each other over a meme coin that was made from another meme coin is what makes me think this way. Besides, many people state that some newcomers will arrive because of the meme coin hype, lose a lot of money and then brand crypto as a bad thing, but I think there’s many more people that will say ‘Ok, I made my first approach with crypto and I failed, what can help me do better’ and then discover the good projects we all know and love.

Hype dies eventually, so I’m sure that ALGO and LINK will outperform SHIB in the long term. But for right now, SHIB has been going crazy.

**TL;DR: I saw** [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/q6wqyo/with_shiba_inu_nearly_in_the_top_10_i_think_we/) **post on my feed stating that the only thing that matters in crypto is hype just because a meme coin is doing well. Guess what, in every market hype matters, but it doesn’t get over everything else.**

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